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Just another example of what type of entity we’re dealing with. So, there are actually people in this world that believe that barbarians like this deserve to be negotiated with, or appeased?

This is a horrible tragedy, and gives yet another example of why these cavemen have forsaken their rights of any kind, and should have their limbs tied to two draft horses facing opposite directions, and then send the horses in motion.

Posted by: D C Watson at March 22, 2004 9:44 AM
In Indonesia, 2,300 churches were destroyed last year (source: The Barnabas Fund). New York Times, NPR, BBC, anyone interested?

Posted by: Hugh at March 22, 2004 10:28 AM
And so it begins. It won’t be long before this starts here.

Most Christians have no idea how Christians in other places have been martyred for their faith. Attempts to bring this up often gets grimaces and muttered comments, such as, “Why talk about such unpleasant things?” or “That’s over there with THOSE people,” as if THOSE people don’t count.

Posted by: epg at March 22, 2004 10:50 AM
I’ve been following the the whole Indonesia/persecution thing, the site below has recorded pictures of some of the atrocities committed against christians, WARNING: some on the site are grotesque and not what we are used to seeing here in the west, I share it only to alert people to the atrocities that are actually happening. The site has addresses for people to write to, to voice their disgust at whats going on over there.
I pray the Lord will strengthen those christians who remain.
“..those who were scattered after the persecution…the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number believed, and turned to the Lord” Acts 11:19-21.

Posted by: kc (england) at March 22, 2004 10:56 AM
This happens as the police stand by, or participate.

Posted by: TS at March 22, 2004 11:26 AM
Sudan too. Men murdered, women and children raped and sold into slavery because they committed the “crime” of being Christians. “Religion of peace” my ass.

Posted by: Hal at March 22, 2004 2:57 PM
The silent genocide of Christians, is one of the great crimes of the post-WWII period. The reason that this has happened is major media’s reluctance to publicise this tragedy, on the ground that it will be accused of ‘racism’ or not being sensitive to the feelings of Muslims in the West.

So here we are atlast, the consequences of dhimmitude. Millions of Christians around the Islamic world have been killed by Islamists and their ‘moderate’ cousins. These poor Christians in Islamic nations, are indeed paying a very high sacrifice on the altar of our political correctness.

Posted by: DP at March 22, 2004 3:48 PM
This attack is just what the jihadists textbook calls for. Now they are hopefully waiting for a Christian to counter attack, so that they (the terrorists) can bring their thugs in from Java.

This is just part of their grand scheme of things to turn Indonesia into a moslem country.

Indonesia used to have areas with a large Christian majority. No more, since the government has for the last 20 years moved people from overcrowded Java to these areas. Now that there is a significant number of Muslims in those areas, they want more power, which falls in line with the jihadists/terrorists plans. Hence the sectarian violence in Ambon and Central Sulawesi.

Christians in Indonesia have been killed, their churches burnt, villages destroyed, and in some part of Indonesia, the people have been forcefully converted to Muslim. And these people (the Christians) are native Indonesians, whose family have been there for hundreds of years!!

It is hard to obtain a permit to build a church, if not impossible, since to build a new church, the consent of the people around it is needed. Guess what religion those people are.

In parts of Indonesia where they have implemented sharia law, a number of churches have promptly been closed.

Despite some convictions against the terrorists, it is like a drop in the bucket, because the punishment has been very very light in view of the severity of the crime. And to show the moslem population that they the government) is fair in their dealings, they have imprisoned Christians with trumped up charges in some cases, and in other cases the crime committed is light compared to the ‘convicted’ muslims.

Where are the human rights organizations???? Has the US government protested these atrocities?????

Why is it politically correct to hide the truth about the jihadists crime and what their koran actually says? And why is it not PC to publish attrocities committed by these thugs by the major western media???????

Jihad in Indonesia: Machete Wielding Muslim Motorcyclists Kill Christian Woman with Baby
In Indonesia the mujahedin kill Christians on purpose. From the Barnabas Fund, with thanks to FreedomNowNews:

Motorcyclists wielding machetes have attacked Christians in Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, leaving one dead and five injured. On Thursday evening, 11 March, four men riding on two motorcycles sped through the village of Maranatha, 18 miles south of the regional capital Palu, leaving death and bloodshed in their wake. Nuci, a 40 year old mother of two, died two hours after receiving fatal injuries to her head, neck and back. A witness to the incident described how she heard the roar of the motorbikes, followed almost immediately by a baby’s screams. She ran towards the cries and found Nuci, bleeding to death and crawling towards her baby. The attackers wounded five others, who were Efrain, 30, Kanus, 30, Kalfin, 25, Pianus, 18, and Listin, 17 (many Indonesians have just one name).
The situation in the village is still tense, but no further incidents have been recorded. Hundreds of villagers are now standing on guard with machetes, spears and hand-made guns. The dead woman’s relatives have called on the police to respond decisively as they fear that this is the start of another round of anti-Christian attacks.

On Monday 15 March, five suspected members of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) were convicted on charges of terrorism in Palu District Court. Three of them, described as key local JI members, were jailed for six years, while the others received sentences of five and three years. JI has been blamed for the Bali bombings and widespread church bombings on Christmas Eve 2000.

While the district court in Palu has upheld justice, the same cannot be said concerning a recent decision in Indonesia’s Supreme Court. The court upheld an August 2002 decision to acquit five army officers of their suspected role in the massacre of 200 Christians in a church. The attack, in which three church ministers were also killed, took place in East Timor on 6 September 1999. Human Rights Watch has called on the UN to investigate the failure of the courts to





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    […] Posted on June 30, 2008. Filed under: International Politics | ISLAM IN INDONESIA STARTING LOST THE WORLD SYMPATHY. « Tondibangarna’s Weblog […]

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