The Jakarta Post , Jakarta | Tue, 06/24/2008

Protesters on Tuesday destroyed a government car passing through the Sudirman Street in front of the Atmajaya University.

Elshinta radio reported that the protesters stopped the car, forced the driver to leave the car and set it on fire, causing panic among people watching the protest.

A spokeswoman from the university told Elshinta radio that the
protesters were not Atmajaya students.

She added her students were still taking the university final exams when the incident occurred.

She claimed the protesters called for an investigation into the death of Maftuh Fauzi, a student from the National University who died last Friday after he was released from police jail and
received treatment from hospitals.

wow…anarchy! Visit indon 2008 on your own risk! Remember May 1998? student started that 1998 protests too.
Riot Master
Angry protesters destroy police post in Senayan

Angry protesters destroyed a police post in the Senayan Circle, Central Jakarta on Wednesday evening in a protest against the police as well as the fuel price hikes.
TV 7 reported that the protesting students just ended their peaceful demonstration in front of the City Police headquarters in Semanggi, demanding their colleagues, who were arrested after Tuesday’s protest, be released from the police jail before the incident occurred.

As the protesters moved to the Senayan Circle and found a police post, they suddenly became angry, attacked and destroyed it.

Police officers in charge of the post have reportedly fled the post, seeking help from their colleagues. Hundreds of police officers later came to the location to handle the situation.

However, a clash between the police and the protesters was inevitable, the TV station reported.

One protester was arrested by the police in the incident.(***)
Mohamed Mobin
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Like many parts of the world where oil prices have now accounted to about 30 % of the monhly salary, there have been demonstrations. Indonesia is no exception to the rule. Police have allowedd peacful gatherings to protest the increase in oil proces which has a domino effect on the cost of living. Every thing in Indonesia have risen to more than 30%. In a poor country as Indonesia this is unbearable as most people only earn about $100. US a month. How can they now feed their families? The govt muust act prudently and reverse this increase as indonesia can produce enough oil for domestic consumption. Deals need to be made with Iran, China nd India to explore more of this black gold. Indonesia has the capacity to produce enough oil to export to other S. E. Asian contries at world maket price too.

Pleaple need to vent their anger and the security forces in Indonesia is sympathetic at least.

Elang Botak

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JAKARTA — Indonesian police used water cannons to disperse about 500 protesters who threw rocks and bamboo sticks at police and broke a parliament building fence on Tuesday to protest against a hike in fuel prices.
Authorities blocked a key highway as the slogan-shouting activists burnt tires outside the sprawling parliament grounds to protest against the government decision to hike fuel prices by almost 30 percent last month.

Angry protesters also burnt a government vehicle outside a university campus, but there were no reports of any injuries. The protesters also urged the government to investigate the recent death of a student beaten by police during an anti-fuel hike protest last month.

While Indonesia still has some of the lowest fuel prices in Asia, the fuel subsidies issue is politically sensitive and the latest price hike has sparked protests in a country where millions already suffered from rising energy and food costs.

Some protesters spray-painted “Bring down SBY-JK” on a wall in red. Others carried banners saying “SBY-JK, where’s your promise that you won’t raise fuel prices?”.

SBY and JK refer to the initials of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

Police detained at least three protesters from the Tuesday rally, Reuters witnesses said.

The government says it has no choice but to progressively trim fuel subsidies that cost billions of dollars a year and have become impossible to fund as global oil prices soar.…
Mohamed Mobin
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What percentage of oil as compared to domestic production has Indonesia imported? What the govt is doing is a blanket increase of all oil products whether produced domestically or imported. The Government should only increase that portion of oil it imports and not the domestic production. Countries like Trinidad, Venezuela, Iran and others do not charge their people exhorbitnt prices for locally produced oil. Why Indonesia has embarked on this?

If Indonesia wants to meet more fuel consumption and production, they should change to Ethenol production. Indonesia produces enough rice, cane and corn for this industry to be viable. The same way Brazil has done over the years.

I feel soory for the poor Indonesians who continue to suffer. The era of Suharto now looks like paradise.


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