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Muslims are accused of killing ‘unclean’ dogs –
Posted by Dee in General (Thursday March 30, 2006 at 12:12 pm)
One of the many reasons I feel no empathy for Muslims is their attitude towards animals. I am not a sentimental animals-are-more-important-than-humans type, but the thought of cruelty to God’s creatures makes me furious. I recall a letter from a US soldier in Iraq, stating that he had come to dislike Iraqis because of their treatment of animals. He gave the example of a pregnant dog that the soldiers had adopted – none of the Iraqis could comprehend this, and in fact, they went out of their way to kick the dog and to inflict other cruelties when they thought they could get away with it. Stories like this are legion. Here is one from the UK Telegraph:

Muslims are accused of killing ‘unclean’ dogs
By Amberin Zaman, in Ankara
(Filed: 27/03/2006)
Pro-islamic municipalities in Turkey are killing stray dogs, animal rights groups claim.
Municipal workers are hunting, torturing and killing the animals by the hundreds, the campaigners say.
The allegations surfaced when Burcu Isikalp, a young veterinary surgeon, went searching for seven strays she had been caring for near her home in the capital, Ankara. Witnesses told her that municipal workers had taken them away.
She went to Ankara’s largest refuse dump, Mamak, where she found one of the strays with hundreds of other dogs. “They were all dead, stacked in large pits,” she said. “We also found 10 dead puppies in a bound plastic bag. There is a myth among pious Muslims that dogs are unclean.”
Animal rights campaigners who accompanied Miss Isikalp last week said that at least two of the dogs had been sexually abused.
The mayor of Mamak, Gazi Sahin, of the ruling pro-Islamic Justice and Development Party, has denied responsibility.
I am old-fashioned enough to believe that God will punish them for this – I certainly hope so.
Owning a dog or cat is sometimes regarded as a western corruption in Islamic countries. Iranian hardliners have even campaigned for the arrest of dog owners – the ‘cleric’ Gholamreza Hassani called dog ownership ‘moral depravity’. He also declared that those soldiers who had died in the 1980s war against Iraq were fortunate not to see behavior that was such an affront to Allah:

“‘Happy are those who became martyrs and did not witness the playing with dogs! Now, in our society, women wear hats and men hold dogs,’ he said.â€
(Neil MacFarquhar, San Francisco Chronicle, September 2, 2001)

Mr. Hassani has also received attention for his very strange concern about dogs with short legs. I am tempted to comment, but I try to be a lady when possible.

 “I call on the judiciary to arrest all long-legged, medium-legged, and short-legged dogs along with their long-legged owners, otherwise I’ll do it myself,” (BBC News, October 14, 2002).

Yeah, do it yourself, Hassani, hope you choose one with rabies. I know its funny in its way, but I’ll bet we wouldnt laugh if we saw close-up the way animals are mistreated in these countries.

Professor Mary Boyce recounted her experiences in Iran in the 1960s, and noted that Muslims found satisfaction in torturing animals:

“I myself was spared any worse sight than that of a young Moslem girl…standing over a litter of two-week old puppies, and suddenly kicking one as hard as she could with her shod foot. The puppy screamed with pain, but at my angry intervention she merely said blankly, ‘But it’s unclean.’ In Sharifabad I was told by distressed Zoroastrian children of worse things: a litter of puppies cut to pieces with a spade-edge, and a dog’s head laid open with the same implement; and occasionally the air was made hideous with the cries of some tormented animal.â€

I know many other cultures are guilty of the same thing, especially China. Although Asians seem to be merely callous, as opposed to deliberately sadistic.

They Died In Agony

Published on: Sunday, 29th January, 2006

A group of children watched the horrific convulsions of two puppies who took 20 minutes to die after being poisoned by officials in Shahjar Munciplaity. Officials told residents they would put the stray puppies, who they feared would cause a nuisance, to sleep instantly.

Instead they fed them poisoned meat. One of the pups, after 20 minutes of agonised twitching, only died after the officials tied rope around its legs and pulled its body in different directions, in an apparent attempt to kill the animal more quickly.

The other died after a bout of violent shaking, shivering and seizures. At least half a dozen children, aged ten and 11, witnessed the killings. The incident happened in the residential block of a Sharjah school.

17 comments for Muslims are accused of killing ‘unclean’ dogs »
They have been doing this for years, I have seen many photos of the dogs, raped, mutilated often puppies, just vile.

Comment by what has islam done for you today — March 30, 2006 @ 12:27 pm

Where is PETA when you need them? If we cannot interest human beings in the torture and killing fo their fellow human beings maybe we can interest PETA and the RSPCA in the killing of animals in Iraq. Any maltreated seals there?

Comment by Skylark — March 30, 2006 @ 1:15 pm

What a sick f**cking religion. Sorry, but this just really puts me over the edge. Unclean? So I take it none of them smell? If we find someone who smells should we kill ‘em? What kind of lunacy is this?? People who can’t have “unclean” things around them and think a cartoon is reason enough to kill? The most mind-boggling aspect is they see nothing wrong with any of it. Just a damn freak show. Sigh.

Sorry, I just spent the last two days trapping a stray/feral cat at my office, taking it to get fixed and then sadly having to release it cause no one could take him in. The thought of people being cruel to animals just freaks me out.

Comment by Esther — March 30, 2006 @ 1:18 pm

The thought of people being cruel to animals just freaks me out.
Me too, I think our (human) natural instict is too try protect innocent, helpless creatures and little kids.
Not so sya the Muzzies.

Comment by Felis — March 30, 2006 @ 1:21 pm

There was an Islamic website on Animal rights, I will try and refind it.


The trap desex and return prog is a great one, people now are desexing whole stray city cat colonys and volunteers moniter and feed them. I adopted a mature kitten from one.

DFL Team, please deleate these pics if they are to graphic, no offence will be taken by me. Looks like they didn’t load up anyway, i’ll upload them on my site if anyone wants to see whats really going on.

Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006 11:20 PM
Subject: Dogs raped and slaughtered in Mamak, Turkey …warning pics may be distressing


To the Attention of Friends;

Homeless pets have been left to the Mamak dumping ground by the municipalities of Ankara.
Some dogs raped by unknown people and killed.
Puppies have been put in garbage bags and killed.
Somedogs have been shot and some poisened.
Some that could survive were rescued by a animal
friendly people last night.
In Ankara,homeless dogs and cats
are killed by the municipality workers occasionally.
The animal shelters in Ankara are in very bad conditions.
(except Cankaya Animal Shelter)
It is not allowed to bring pet food Macunkoy animal shelters.
Ankara municipalities killed homeless pets.
We need your urgent support to protest killing of our animals.
This shows us that the Turkish Animal Protection Law Number 5199

In the attachments you will see the photos of dead dogs in Mamak
dumping ground and English Version of Turkish Animal Protection Law Number 5199.

Please send your protest e-mails to these adress;

TO:, ,,, , ,cumhurbaskanligi@, , mahalli.bilgiedinme@,, , ,,,,, ,,,

“Vicious slaughter in Mamak, Ankara”

(Seasononline Ankara) – Hundreds of dead dogs were found in the garbage dump which belongs to the Mamak Municipality. It is claimed that the dogs were killed in masses and then secretly thrown to the garbage dump. General Secretary of DOHAYKO and spokeswoman for HAYTAP (Active Force Union for Animal Rights in Turkey) , Nesrin Citirik, made a statement that the event was a very heavy crime of mankind and she condemned the people responsible for it. It is said that there are dogs which have been raped among the dead dogs. Last week there was another incident of a dog being raped in Corum city and a complaint was filed against the person under suspicion.

Burcu Isıkalp, the ANKARA representative of DOHAYKO (Association for the Protection and Life of Nature and Animals) was informed by the people of Mamak district that dead dogs were found in the area and came to investigate the situation. She said she came across a very upsetting scene. “These dogs were killed by Mamak and Altindag Municipalities,” she declared “there are hundreds of dead dogs in 4 or 5 ditches around Mamak garbage dump. They bring these dogs here and shoot them or kill them with drugs. ”


General Secretary of DOHAYKO and spokeswoman for HAYTAP (Active Force Union for Animal Rights in Turkey) , Nesrin Citirik, made a statement that the event was a very heavy crime of mankind and she condemned the people responsible for it. She said, “Early this morning Mamk Municipality buried the dogs in an effort to get rid of the evidence. Burcu Isıkalp, Fersut Isitman and some members of the press are still at the garbage dump. Just a little while ago they found a boxer dog which had been raped and whose internal organs were ripped apart. “We will get a report regarding the rape ..” she delared.


Last week a dog was raped in Corum and a complaint was filed for the person under suspicion. Ahmet Kemal Senpolat, Lawyer and Head of the Commision within the Bar of Lawyers of Istanbul for the Protection of Animal Rights made a statement that ” the man under suspicion was 64 years old, name H.I. and he has been given to court for raping a dog which he kept tied in the garbage dump. He is accused of raping the dog which he had tied around the neck witha metal wire. As the people will remember, there was an incident of a dog being raped in Corum last year also.

Comment by what has islam done for you today — March 30, 2006 @ 1:49 pm

heres a link to the actual pics, well a few of the recent ones

Comment by what has islam done for you today — March 30, 2006 @ 2:49 pm

Shouldn’t the RSPCA be told about this and asked to intervene? Maybe people will come to understand Islam from the angle of the way they treat animals – obviously what they do to people does not have much impact.

Comment by Skylark — March 30, 2006 @ 3:57 pm

Strangely, the koran is quite specific about cruelty to animals – it is a definite no-no. In my search for confirmation, I found some Islamic websites deploring the (mis)treatment of animals in the Muslim world and there are groups of Muslims protesting about it, and giving verses in the koran to justify their opposition.

The following article in American Renaissance is written by a Saudi Arabian and discusses cruelty to both humans and animals. If this is how foreigners are treated, what hope do animals have?

Why Is There So Much Hate Inside Us?
Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), March 27, 2006

‘The students agreed that they had harassed foreigners, particularly South Asians, in the street. One said that seeing a worker in the street was a perfect chance for them to beat him up and then run away. Some admitted searching for foreign workers to beat up, throw eggs at and generally abuse. I asked my students why they behaved in this way, what was the reason. Some said it was just fun, nothing more or less. Some said it was because those people were weak and unable to fight back. Some said that their favorite pastime was to catch cats, kill them and skin them. I was shocked and disturbed by all this violence and wondered what was causing it’.

And here is a report by a Muslim veterinary surgeon:

Animal Abuse and Welfare in Islam
by Dr. Ayoub M. Banderker (BVMCh),
veterinary surgeon

‘Animal abuse, cruelty, and/or neglect form part of the many social ills plaguing the Muslim community.

Last Ramadaan, I wrote an article highlighting the phenomenon whereby misinformed Muslims took their dogs (and/or cats) to the animal hospitals or mobile clinics during Ramadaan, to have them put to death by lethal injection. The reason given by the majority of these Muslims was that Islam forbids them to keep a dog. Also encountered was when an animal that had been ill for a prolonged time and the disease had progressed to an almost terminal state was it only then brought in for veterinary attention. When asked why they waited so long, the Muslim owner would use Islam as a reason, stating that it is not permissible to touch a dog. This still happens’.

Comment by Dee — March 30, 2006 @ 4:04 pm


Its not just dogs,

The sheep sent over to the Middle East (and cattle) suffer unbeleivably firstly on the boats, boiling tempratures, covered in urine and poop standing crammed knee high it, and other dead sheep it as it cooks them and sends them blind. They often cannot reach food, boats have burnt in the sea, broken down in 45 degree heat for weeks, remember the publicity over the Cormo Express? that was one incident in many.

This is all so muslims can kill them live in the ME, they will not buy pre (halal) slaughtered meat, killed under our realivily high Animal Welfare standards. ME has none, their treatment in the ME is just shocking.

Our farmers are stretched to the limit themselves and get more $ for them live, attitudeds from extremists like PETA don’t help the farmers or the animals, farmers can’t jsut be closed down, Malaysia are willing to buy our pre slaughtered sheep.

Aussie Animal rights as you may well remember went on a campain to stop live exports, they joined with the meat workers union.

I heard tho i cant think where the Australian Vets are now not supporting the exports as acceptable, im unsure on this, Ill try and catch up on more of the info.

Comment by what has islam done for you today — March 30, 2006 @ 5:00 pm

I judge people by how they treat animals.

Comment by gravelrash — March 30, 2006 @ 5:04 pm

Oh my God….I just saw this bit Dee:
“Animal rights campaigners who accompanied Miss Isikalp last week said that at least two of the dogs had been sexually abused.”One of the reasons why the ancient Hebrews were told to remove themselves from these pollutants. Nothing has changed. How disgusting. How many times do we have to hear about sex with goats, people paying dowries for livestock, girls being married to dogs to remove curses etc, before we make the link!!!!

What a man believes is what a man does!!!!

On one of my returns from Asia I was asked to describe my experiences to a small NSW church. I said I had come to a complete understanding of the full import of the word “pagan”. I didn’t know the half of it!

Comment by gravelrash — March 30, 2006 @ 5:10 pm

So, how do they justify rape with an ‘unclean’ animal? Putting the rape and beastiallity aside (If that’s possible), doesn’t sex with something unclean make them unclean, too? Should they then be killed?

Beastiallity is yet another accepted deviant behavior in Islam.

What would these heathens say about the Bedouin, whose very survival depend on the Saluki?

I can understand the need for animal population control, especially in a craphole like that part of the world. There aren’t many resources, and you can’t afford to have animals roaming freely. But dogs and cats can be disposed of humanely, can’t they?


Comment by Brooke — March 31, 2006 @ 1:08 am

Batak people from North Sumatra kidnapp dog, beating them to death and eat those dog after that.And those people who do that are CHRISTIAN (batak muslim never do that because eating dog is haram/forbidden in islam). I know this from my friend, he is a Batak christianman, he is a churchman (goes to church every week, and an active member of Huria Kristen Batak Protestan). He was laughing while told me that he did those things, he kidnapp the dogs beat the dogs then cooked them, and eat the dogs.he said it was a common thing to do.

Comment by ronald van dyke — March 31, 2006 @ 1:53 am

Animals which are regarded as companion animals/pets in Australia and the West in general such as dogs may be used for meat and meat products for both humans and animals in parts of Asia and North and South Americas.
As much as I hate it I understand their needs and lack of cultural restrains in consumption of the dog/cat flesh.

What we were discussing here is the Muslim attitude to life (remember Theo van Gogh)in general and act of cruelty for no particular reason (like food).
Go and see the sites pointed out by “What has islam done for you today”.

Comment by Felis — March 31, 2006 @ 8:08 am


Cat and dog consumption was outlawed here a few years ago, also cat and dog fur items are illegal.

Comment by what has islam done for you today — March 31, 2006 @ 1:36 pm
Read this guys description of how a camel walks!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!

“I always imagined camels as coarse creatures, with nappy dust-ridden hair and an ill-mannered habit of spitting but they were anything but. Camels walk as though they were models on a fashion runway. Their hips, perched atop long and slender legs, swing from side to side in an almost suggestive manner, their bodies undulate forward with a slinky grace, and their mouths seem caught in an almost perpetual smirk.”

😆 😯 8)

Comment by Gravelrash — April 1, 2006 @ 6:43 pm

I can’t tell if it’s just admiration or overtly sexual.

Camels are great animals but having sex with a being that says no or is a child and doesnt understand it is rape.

BTW Ron, if you are still around beastiality and rape are illegal in modernity as well.

Comment by what has islam done for you today — April 1, 2006 @ 7:35 pm


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