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yuki tobing said, on March 21st, 2008 at 5:06 am
I was disappointed when I knew that Lake Toba in North Sumatra was not listed in the major touristic destination in Indonesia by “Visit Indonesia 2008″.

I went to some travel agencies in several countries in Europe and there was always a book listing touristic destinations in Asia. There are informations about Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, etc etc, and Bali. Why Bali? Do they think Bali is a country? Why not Indonesia and its Lake Toba, Lombok, Ambon, Komodo Island or whatsoever?

I have also met some people who used to think that Bali was not an integral part of Indonesia. It is either they always slept in Geography lesson or Indonesian Tourism Ministry have not informed lot about other local destinations.

However, I believe that there are several other reasons which make other local touristic destinations remained unknown or unreached. I remember when I was still living in Dumai, Riau, I visited Lake Toba lot of time. It was still beautiful and clean. There was one big hotel there, in which I always stayed. We had to make reservation long time before we come to ensure that there was still vacant room for us. The number of tourists going there decreased quite significantly. Now, we can even choice in which room we want to take.

What was wrong here?
First, the worsening condition of the Lake and its surrounding. I think I do not have to mention this point. We can also apply this situation to other local touristic destinations.

Second, we should consider that local governments have not provided easy access and accommodation for tourists to reach some local touristic destinations from the nearest big cities. If I am not mistaken, we have to drive around 5 hours from Medan to Lake Toba. Do you know Toraja, an exotic place where they bury people inside the tree. I remember we needed more than 8 hours to reach that place by car from Makassar, or formerly known Ujung Pandang. The condition of the road itself was terrible. If I said terrible, it meant it was terrible.

Third, Indonesia is one big archipelago country. Basically, we need to fly if we want to go to other island, unless you want to have pain in your ass after sitting for long time in your car. Looking at some tragic plane accidents recently in Indonesia, foreign tourists have enough reasons not to travel by those cheap Indonesian airlines.

Okay, it seems that I start writing one single article here, I have to stop. I believe all of us can add more reasons why some local touristic destinations remained unknown or unreached.

About our official tourism website, it is, indeed, ugly. I read in it costs 17.5 billion Rupiah. Another practice of corruption huhh?!

mulia said, on March 21st, 2008 at 9:27 am
“It seems to me that rich Indonesians prefer to visit Singapore and Malaysia rather than go to local tourism attractions. Well, I don’t think we can blame them since those two countries offer better experience of modern tourism. If only the government could ban people from going to Singapore and Malaysia and force them to visit Papua instead.”


Indonesian middle-upper class society should improve their mentality as well. so we stop blaming the government (we all know how lame they are) and can do changes that start from ourselves (or i mean themselves).

yonna said, on March 21st, 2008 at 10:10 am
adduh ralat…..sori dobel

hmmm kalo sherwin kuciwa kenapa danau toba gak dimasukin daftar tujuan wisata ma visit indonesia year 2008, maka saya juga kecewa kenapa Tasa gak masukin west sumatra sebagai bahan rumpiannya, katanya demen ma rendang

sumatra barat juga bagus loch, hmmm katanya sih, abis terakhir berkunjung ke sana waktu usia masih 1 taun

kenapa indonesia kalah laris ma negara2 tetangga? well, isu keamanan yang jadi sorotan pastinya. gimana mau tenang kalo denger berita pemboman sana sini yang menelan nyawa wisatawan mancanegara? atau masalah bencana banjir, lumpur lapindo, gempa dll yang pastinya membuat orang ngeri mengunjungi daerah yang rawan tsb. kalo orang indonesia aja takut untuk mengunjungi suatu daerah di indo karena faktor keamanan dan seringnya bencana terjadi ya apalagi orang2 bule itu?


guebukanmonyet said, on March 21st, 2008 at 11:37 am
Yuki: I feel sorry my friend. I’ve never been to Toba but someday I hope I can visit the place. I heard a lot of great story about it when I was a kid. Thanks for giving us a number of reasons why Toba has lost its attractiveness, you should write about it

Mulia: Your disagreement is well accepted. It’s true that we can’t just bash a certain group of people on this issue, but I believe the rich people are the most frequent Indonesians who visit Singapore and Malaysia. Although it’s also true that the cost of visiting Singapore and Malaysia has been quite affordable these days. Middle-income families on the other hand choose to visit local attractions since they have less money to spend on recreational purposes.

Yonna: Well, I might want to write about West Sumatera sometimes. I’ve only been to Bukit Tinggi, I visited there when I was living in Dumai. I remember the city was so traditional and beautiful, it was pretty clean too! I hope the condition is better now.

colson said, on March 21st, 2008 at 3:59 pm
This is “a-pleasure-to-read-article” once more. I mean I enjoyed the quality of the post, not the quality of VIY2008.

I totally agree with you: Indonesia IS a fascinating and awfully beautiful country. And it IS a shame the tourist industry isn’t doing better.

But I will do my share. This year I do send a family deputation to Bogor. And what about you?

a0z0ra said, on March 22nd, 2008 at 1:48 am
I totally enjoy this post. Indonesia is indeed a very beautiful place to visit as a tourist.

Gw kalo pulang ke Indo so pasti pengen ke Bali, Danau Toba, Parangtritis, etc etc.

Hal2 yg gw concern:
– aman gak.. monyet di Bali aja bisa nyolong, orang2nya gimana.
– nyaman gak.. gw bukan org yg suka backpacking & kemping, gw pecinta kenyamanan… kalo gw lagi vacation setidaknya gw pengen hotel yg bersih & terawat
– Yuki tobing is right about easy access. Jalan2 di Jawa aja banyak yg masih brantakan, gw bayangin gimana yah yg di luar Jawa? Pengennya sih kayak interstate road di US. –> hahah brp taon lagi Indonesia bisa seperti ini? Naik pesawat takut jatoh..naik ferry hmmm.. udah pernah sih.. sumpek & gak nyaman.. pengennya naik cruise wakakaka…

a0z0ra said, on March 22nd, 2008 at 2:12 am
Speaking of which.. does anyone know if there’s any photo blog regarding Indonesian Tourism?

guebukanmonyet said, on March 22nd, 2008 at 7:39 am
Colson: I know you’re a BIG fan of Indonesia. I’m sure the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be very much pleased by what you’re doing Well, I don’t think I can do much at the moment but I do have a big dream to be able to give some contribution to the tourism industry. There’s so much we can do with it. It’s really a good tool to boost the economy.

a0z0ra: Salam kenal Thank you for the support. Indonesia is indeed a very beautiful place to visit. Setahu saya, dunia pariwisata di Indonesia sudah cukup baik, terutama di lokasi-lokasi seperti Bali. Untuk masalah fasilitas, tidak usah khawatir, hotel bintang lima ada di mana-mana kok. banyak hotel paling mahal di dunia terletak di Bali dan sekitarnya, kalau punya duit banyak gak usah khawatir sama sekali.

Malah, saudara saya yang sudah beberapa kali ke Hawaii untuk urusan kerja bilang kalau mending liburan ke Bali dari pada ke Hawaii. Katanya, pemandangan alamnya sama-sama indah tapi Bali lebih semarak dengan hiburan tradisionalnya dan fasilitas-fasilitas lainnya.

Mmmh, I don’t really know about such blog. Anybody could help?

areta said, on March 24th, 2008 at 1:11 pm
ikut nimbrung donk…
ini ada faktor lain dari kesepian turis ke indonesia.
kebanyakan tempat wisata di indonesia tuh jorok.
bener deh.
emang sih, hotel bintang lima ada. nah, tempat yang bersih yah di hotelnya ajah.
misal di medan. danau toba itu kan jorok banget. airnya udah keruh. belum lagi wecenya. wuidih…
terus, yang sayang neh.. aceh. di aceh tuh banyak pantai yang bagus2. cakep2 banget deh! tapi, di situ gw gak pernah ketemu tong sampah. gak ada satu pun. petugas kebersihan juga gak ada. alhasil, dengan karakter rakyat yang hobi nyampah sembarangan, pasir yang cantik dengan serpihan kulit kerang kecil2 harus dikotori dengan sampah2 plastik, beling (ini bahaya), (yang keterlaluan) popok bekas, puntung rokok, dan macem2 benda2 yang merusak pemandangan itu deh!
protes neh…
kalo pemerintah promosi terus, tapi masalah kebersihan gak dibenahi, kan turis yang dateng ke sini juga ogak balik lagi.

guebukanmonyet said, on March 24th, 2008 at 3:21 pm
Areta, kamu bener banget. Banyak fasilitas pariwisata di Indonesia yang jorok. Mana mau para turis asing berkunjung kalau begitu.

Emang, Danau Toba jorok apa? Wah, kirain indah banget.

Mmmh, kurangnya fasilitas kebersihan dari pemerintah lokal dan pusat, lalu ditambah dengan perilaku masyarakat Indonesia yang belum bisa menghargai lingkungan hasilnya lingkungan indah jadi jorok!

areta said, on March 26th, 2008 at 1:42 pm
kak tasa, zaman dulu (waktu aku masih kecil) danau toba emang masih bagus. dulu kan aku tinggal di binjai (kota kecil di sumut). kalo liburan suka ke danau toba. berenang. hehe…
sejak pindah ke jakarta, kan udah gak maen2 lagi ke sana. sekalinya liburan panjang, langsung kangen deh ke sonoh… eh, begitu sampe danau toba… gak jadi maen. udah jorok, airnya keruh, rame banget (meskipun belum separah ancol). terus, mosok aer kamar mandinya (yang di bak mandi) warnanya item! banyak daon2nya lagi! haduh!
itu beberapa tahun lalu lho… sekarang mungkin udah lebih parah. soalnya, beberapa kali belakangan liburan ke sana, udah gak ada keluarga (yang tinggal di sonoh) yang ngajakin ke danau toba.
makanya, kalo pun turis berkunjung ke sana, dia gak bakal mau balik lagi di lain waktu.

Zulfi said, on March 27th, 2008 at 1:06 am
Hey Dude, Did u get clue from one of my comments I wrote under your article - . Give the credit for mee-heeee… Though the article is about MTV culture in Indonesia..These are some of the lines under my comments in that section.It was about my perception when I had experience dealing with stafff of Indonesia tourism.
I had clearly stated why Visit Indonesia 2008 will be a failure.. Not every Foreigner who arrives in Indonesia wanna sit in the beaches of Bali..Why dont u talk about Borobudur Temple…It is a splendid master piece.. I meant –why dont YOU!!!!You had projected the picture but had not written any single line about it..There are many Indians like me who would like to visit Borobudur and not Bali..Dont forget more then 3 million Indians visited Singapore and malaysia(twin tour)in 2007.In that I dont think half million would have jumped into Indonesia…If Indo Tourism advt about Bali beach in India,who will care and who will visit as beaches in India are better too.Most Indians will look for spiritual architecture or monuments.
“Tourism dept must know Indonesia is not Jakarta and Bali alone…there are great places which must be projected”… “Indo need to build infrastructure to bring tourists ” as many places have no proper connectivity.
My bottom line is “Indonesia Tourism and culture ministry is wasting money in advertising the tax payers money”
I request reader of this article to read my comments too

Izmi said, on March 27th, 2008 at 11:16 am
As a simple as that …
Mau ngga mau, turis yang mau dateng ke sini juga harus menghadapi kesiapan melihat sisi kota yang suasananya ngga ada dalam pikiran mereka.
Karena di Indonesia ini, terdapat banyak sisi yang belum mereka ketahui.

Jakarta, tidak seindah Bali, teluk Jakarta tidak seindah Bunaken, dan akan lebih tidak bisa dibandingkan dengan sejumlah tempat lain di Indonesia tentunya. Sama Jogja aja masih kalah !!!

Padahal yang paling disorot di mana-mana kan Ibu Kota Negaranya kan ?

yuki tobing said, on April 1st, 2008 at 4:39 am
gak jorok2 amatlah, tapi jelas sangat jorok jika dibandingkan 10 tahunan lalu saat masih bersih. entahlah, padahal masyarakat situ juga kan yang untung kalo danau toba dikunjungin banyak orang, dagangan mereka, be it batik batak, makanan, pajangan atau apalah, kan jadinya lebih laku.

ary said, on April 2nd, 2008 at 12:32 pm
indeed… i was about to cry when i read this article… you are so right gbm… i dont know what to say…. but please let me share the best location in indonesia from my point of view.

seperti kata yuki, danau toba adalah tempat yang selalu gue rindukan untuk kembali kesana lagi… pemandangannya, teduh… dan fantastis! gbm, kalo belum kesana, i suggest you go there ASAP, before its too late… problemnya, untuk dapat mencapai danau toba dari medan, perjalanan yang lumayan jauh dan kurang nyaman…

pantai jambi… meskipun obaknya memang terlalu deras untuk ditaklukkan dengan papan surf gue, tapi sunset view-nya… are the best in Indonesia, mungkin sama dengan sunset view dari mount fiji, jepang. tapi pembangunan di jambi -dengan sedih saya harus akui- berjalan lebih lambat dari siput….

gunung bunder, leuwiliang, bogor, are actually offer a spectacular view of forest… again, access through are quite humiliating…

anyer & kepulauan seribu… i guess every body know why i put this here….

jogja… *sigh*… i miss jogja… hope it remain the same…

panarukan, banyuwangi, pantai senggigi, fak-fak, timika, merauke… pantai2 itu sebenarnya ga kalah hebat dibanding pantai manapun didunia ini (well, kecuali copacobana, mungkin ya…

tapi semuanya punya masalah yang sama… akses….

moga2 para politikus kita disenayan kesamber petir atu-atu biar sadar bahwa kampung halamannya adalah -i say- a group of earthly heavens, await to be discovered.


ary said, on April 3rd, 2008 at 6:00 pm
tapi tas, tulisan lo jadi kurang “mencampur-adukkan” perasaan seperti biasanya…
agak kecewa nih ama artikel yang satu ini….
maksud-nya, bukannya gue jago loh… tapi i already get used to your writing style, and this one quite -if i may say- “not enough tasa in it”….

peace out!

yonna said, on April 4th, 2008 at 10:37 am
your complain will be forwarded to the blogmaster, as soon as practicable,

guebukanmonyet said, on April 5th, 2008 at 1:34 am
Areta: Oh kamu pernah tinggal di Binjai. Pasti seru banget yah…. Tapi, berenang di Danau Toba?! Apa gak serem tuh? Hehe. Yah, sayangnya memang itu banyak pemerintah lokal di Indonesia yang tidak bisa menjaga kelestarian tempat-tempat wisata mereka. Seharusnya mereka berkunjung ke luar negeri dan mempelajari bagaimana negara maju mengurus pusat-pusat hiburan publik.

Zulfi: You made so many comments on that article, haha. But, yeah I remember that particular comment. You were treated badly by an Indonesian tourism staff. I see, so many Indians want to see the temple of Borobudur. I think Indonesian tourism department has to pay more attention on Indians and as India’s economy is soaring more rich Indians are visiting other countries.

Izmi: Benar sekali. Contoh nyata, banjir parah di Jakarta di awal tahun 2008 memberikan dampak yang sangat buruk terhadap turisme Indonesia. Bayangin saja, masa bandara terbesar di Indonesia harus lumpuh total selama beberapa hari. Apa kata dunia!

Yuki: Benar sekali. Sayangnya banyak masyarakat menengah ke bawah di Indonesia yang belum melihat kebersihan dan kerapihan sebagai sesuatu yang sangat penting, parahnya orang kaya juga ikut-ikutan jorok. Hehe.

Ary: Ok. I will visit Toba as soon as possible. I might wanna ask you to come with me. Hehe. Banyak juga yah tempat-tempat menarik di Indonesia tapi sayangnya tidak banyak pemerintah lokal yang dapat melestarikan dan menjaga keindahan mereka.

Mengenai kekecewaan Bung Ary, semoga saya bisa perbaiki di masa depan. Thanks buat kritikannya bos! Hehe. Btw, kemaren udah nelp Rusdi yah?

Yonna: Thank youuuu

Zulfi said, on April 6th, 2008 at 3:38 am
Indonesia need to keep an eye on Indian tourists…Unlike Westerners and Arabs the Indians go to other countries with their Familes..Not for Fun–(Arabs use Indonesia as their second home..)I had known many Indian familes go to singapore and Malaysia as Tourist, why not Indonesia pull them up..Additional 5 million Indian tourists can make Visit Indonesia a success..

lasty said, on April 6th, 2008 at 8:40 pm
big agreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! the website looks so damn cheap!padahal buat bikin logo nya nya aj muahhalll banget…krn dikerjain sama salah satu design firm terkemuka di Inondesia,,tapi kenapa web-nya begitu amat. gimana org tertarik…he…….!!!

akhyaree said, on April 9th, 2008 at 11:00 am
i like this website amid attack on govt on the lousy promotion.

ary said, on April 9th, 2008 at 11:23 am
iya gue udah nelp.. pake janjian lagi ketemu di SD selong… tapi gue lupa!!! ternyata hari itu gue lamaran!!!! hahahahhahahah…. moga2 cewe gue ga ikut baca ni blog… khekhekhekhekheke…. gue beneran lupa… pagi2 pembantu gue bangunin.. mas.. mas… katanya hari ini ngelamar mba [ ]?? ko masih tidur mas? twewew!! gabrug.. gabrug.. ternyata di teras rumah gue, keluarga2 termasuk bonyok udah siap dan rapi… heheheheh… kacau deh…
anyway, bilang ma rusdi gue minta maap banget yak… sekarang gue masih di HK. gue telp dia lagi as soon as i’m back…

yonna said, on April 9th, 2008 at 12:57 pm
@mas ary
oh lamaran? selamat ya, aku ikut berbahagia, akhirnya berkurang juga jomblo di bumi ini, sukses

ary said, on April 10th, 2008 at 5:39 pm
iya nigh…. do’ain yah… hehehehhe… well, how’s your marriage life then?

Mangaranap said, on April 10th, 2008 at 5:40 pm
Yuki, it’s probably a good thing that Lake Toba wasn’t in the list, as it doesn’t deserve to be there! My old man (a Batak) has just come back from there and he told me it stank (literally)!!! Those morons in the local government allowed (or turned a blind eye) some kind of fish hatchery in the lake. It’s so appalling that he wouldn’t go back there anymore.

yuki tobing said, on April 10th, 2008 at 10:10 pm
Indeed, I was sad because it was not on the list, I do agree with you that the deteriorating condition of the lake and its surrounding might not be an attractive touristic destination. But what I tried to emphasize above was the lack of effort by local government to conserve Lake Toba, if it could attract lot of tourists in the past, why couldn’t they now? This fact was what made me even sadder.

guebukanmonyet said, on April 11th, 2008 at 5:54 am
Zulfi: I’ll call Indonesia’s Minister of Culture and Tourism and tell him your idea

Lasty: Bener kan, website-nya looks so cheap. I don’t understand. Kita punya banyak web designer yang canggih2 gitu.

akhyaree: The least thing I can do.

Ary: Dodol banget lu! Haha. Yaudah next time kalau gitu and selamet buat lamarannya. Who’s the unlucky girl? Kasian tuh cewek, haha. Peace.

Mangaranap: Masa segitunya? Kacau banget berarti.

Yuki: Well, you might wanna be the next Governor of Sumatera Utara. Hehe.

yonna said, on April 11th, 2008 at 9:33 am
@mas ary
baek2 aja alhamdulillah. hmmm gak bisa diceritakan karena cuma bisa dirasakan sendiri

ary said, on April 25th, 2008 at 1:51 pm

hahahhahah… emang, emang… dengan statusnya sekarang, dia seharusnya bisa macarin/ ngawin cowo manaaaaa aja yang dia mau… tapi emang ternyata kekuatan dari bacot mengalahkan segalanya!!!!! HUUUUAAAAHHHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA….
*ilmu pelet? jauh banget tuh ketinggalannya ma ilmu bacot gue?!*

@ yonna

jadi, kapan tambah momongan? =P

yonna said, on April 25th, 2008 at 2:47 pm
@mas ary
hehehe laen dengan dirimu, aku bisa dateng tuh ke SD Selong

nambah momongan? kapan ya? *clueless

rgemilan said, on April 29th, 2008 at 6:42 am
haha if indonesians were banned to travel to singapore and malaysia but go to papua instead, i don’t think many visitors would make it out there alive with tribal wars going on..

Visit Indonesia 2008 is definitely a good idea to attract tourists. maybe it’s something we washingtonians here can do to impress Americans of the beauty of Indonesian landscape.maybe??
Anyway, it’s unfortunate to see the number of tourists that go to Indonesia decrease, I guess Indonesia is vulnerable to terrorist attacks and have that a safety warning issue?

Dear all,

Due to the tourism situation in samosir island/laketoba has been decrease in the last a fe years, i m calling to you all to visit the island. To give a bit life for the people there. I have just lunch a new website about the island including a video clip arround the island

For further information, if there is any qs about samosir pls dont hasitate to cantac me at

It seems Pamela has a lot of experience, i was wondering if you could help me on the site which mentioned above, about the content ..just to make easyer for tourist to get the info

thx Henry

Posted @ 20-01-2008 20:52

Hi Henry,
Sorry I have not been on this forum much over the last few days.
Drop me an email at and let me know what ideas you have in mind and I will do my best to help you in any way I can.
P.S I will try to view your video tho’ I only have dial up internet.

Posted @ 24-01-2008 10:08

Hello Henry,
You are doing a good job. In 2005 we visited Samosir and it stroke us that tourism was as good as dead. Unbelievable for this beatifull island with its very nice people (greetings to mr. Moon of Liberty homestay).

If you want, you may use some of my photo’s of Samosir and lake toba.
To be found on
(From my own homepage:, goto ‘travel’ , Indonesia, 2005: Sumatra)
From this collection about Sumatra, I’m sure you can pick out the photo’s from this beatifull Samosir!

Rene Bastiaanssen.

Posted @ 25-01-2008 12:48

Hello all,

I completely agree with Henry. Samosir is fantastic.The people are incredibily nice and the scenery is fantastic. Accommodation is cheap and of excellent quality. The island deserves more tourists.
If you need information, you can contact me at
I have been staying on Samosir one month each year for the past six years and I am still not getting enough of it.
Maria van Heugten – netherlands

Posted @ 26-01-2008 15:03

Hi Everyone,
I have been in contact with Henry-emailed him myself and am going to help him with this.
Thank you to Rene and Maria for offering your help.
Togther we shold be able to build a comprehensive website of information about everything on the island- all the accomodation listed, photos, things to do, any volunteer work one can do, and I also think it would be a great idea to mention some guides who show travellers around the island. I know you know a wonderful guide Maria, you should mention to Henry.
Maria, what month are you planning to go back to Lake Toba this year?

Posted @ 26-01-2008 21:11

I am very agree with this. Samosir is fantastic. Very nice and friendly people. A lot of things to see. And a boattrip is one of the highlights. We visit Samosir a several times and we are very in love with this island. And by the way we are very in loved of whole Indonesia. Visit Indonesia is my advise. Pieter van Dee

Posted @ 27-01-2008 10:20

Have to agree with you, I am totally in love with Indonesia too, though I have not been everywhere. But everytime I visit new places I have to add them to my in love list too- like Aceh- Ketembe, Takengon and 2 hrs from Bukit Lawang by motor bike Tangkahan- what a paradise. All very simple places, no western comforts but that adds to the charm of these places and of course the wonderful kindness and friendliness of the Indonesian people in these places.
I am sure most travellers would agree that the people are Indonesia’s greatest assest and that coupled with wonderful culture, jungle, volcanoes, temples, magnificent scenery and etc and etc makes for an incredible experience.
Indonesia in my opinion is the Hidden Gem of South East Asia.
Oh, to be back there now.
Everyone please say a prayer for me that I will have holidays granted this week so I can travel back to Indonesia in April for one month to visit all my friends and update my knowledge of places and things to see.

Posted @ 27-01-2008 21:03

Hello all,

Thanks to you all, i am so happy to read all your respond..I am still working on the website, please..if there is any idea for my website please forward to me. About the most of important information will be up soon, it is still in i have been asking a help from Pamela . I would be very happy too if anyone else could help me on this website, making it in other langguage for example or ect..
Last month, i was in Vacantie Jaars Beurs in Utrecht ( Tourism Expotition) I was giving out a browsur there. As I am doing this individually, i couldnt afford to have a stand, as it cost a lot of money. I just made my self a browsur.
Begin 2009 arround feb, i planning to arrange a tour to Sumatra . Any one who interesting please contact me, till now i have 3 person who want to come with me . I will arrange everything what need in Sumatrea, and share cost with everyone who come.

After all the info at samosirtourism quiet compleate, i am gonna traveling from Aceh , P.we – Padang. Every tourism spot in Sumatera, i will present with video clip. This is will be happen also in feb 2009. While i arrange the tour. ..

Thanks again to you all.. with a help from you all, i am sure..the tourism in samosir and in sumatra generally.. it wil be increase again.

Due to this project, i am going to make a meeting to all guides, and all people who involved in tourism in Samosir.(especially in Tuk Tuk). , how to treat better a tourist.

Greethings to you all

Henry Manik

Posted @ 11-02-2008 11:27

Tuti & Jan

Dear Henry,
I’m making also a little promotion for Samosir but in Dutch langues.
Please look at: http://www.indonesie.tomaatnet(…)/hotel_carolina.html

And from Bukit Lawang: http://www.indonesie.tomaatnet(…)nl/bukit_lawang.html
Succes with your website and we hope the tourist coming back to one of the most beautiful places in hole Indonesia.
Tuti and Jan

Do you know what the name parpulo means??

(Edited) Posted @ 11-02-2008 14:03

Dear Tuti & Jan,

Thank you for your participation,in doing promotion. I have seen the site…i appriciated it.
PARPULO ( batak langguages) its mean : from the island

I am hoping you all could spread out the word , telling how beautifull samosir island/lake toba is and for people who hasnt got any idea yet about the place.. pls past the website arround… and get other people to this forum.
I would be very happy to hear any good or bad experience from people who have been there. So then.. i could forward to people there.. to make it better.



Posted @ 12-02-2008 09:55

Tuti & Jan

Dear Henry,
I know what means parpulo, I like to check you, only Battakers know what it means.
I stay all together about one year on Samosir, the most time I was guest in hotel Carolina, that means not the other places are not OK, Samosir has many nice guesthouses te stay, also cheaper then Hotel Carolina.
Last june I was on Samosir with my wife Tuti, it was again a very nice holiday and I’m sure we will come again.
I’m living in East Java, to live for me better then Samosir because I need some facilities.
Tuti en Jan

(Edited) Posted @ 12-02-2008 10:22


According to my sister in law (works Inna Prapat) they have “Free of charge” WiFi Hotspot.

So you won’t have to miss a single e-mail from your family, or you can check online your AEX index

Kepala botak tapi dengan otak

Posted @ 12-02-2008 20:02

Tuti & Jan

Dear HorasBatak,
There are more facilities then “Free of charge” WiFi Hotspot what I need for living, the details I will not write here.
Looking to the AEX index makes me very sad, thats the good place to see ho bad the economic situation is in the World, specilay the situation in my favorit country with a arrogant president!


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