nasty Indonesia’s occupation and why they get away .why no one control concern about good image of indonesian future ?TO ALL BATAK YOUNG GENERATION LEARN ALL THE GOOD LESSON THEN YOU GOT TWO STRONG LEGS TO STAND FACING THE REAL WORLD Broadcasting Service
Warning foreigners about the evil deeds in Bali and Indonesia.

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Why tourists and investors alike should Boycott Bali / Indonesia
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Do you say “But there is corruption everywhere worldwide!”?

Why should I boycott Bali / Indonesia?


1) For your and your family’s own health, safety and liberty.
2) Because the vast majority of money you spend in / on Bali ends up in the hands of some of the nastiest human rights abusing people in the world.
3) Boycotting Bali / Indonesia will actually help the Balinese / Indonesians and the world as a whole.

Enough evidence exists to show Indonesia is the most corrupt country in the world. In all likelihood, for every dollar you spend in / on Bali or elsewhere in the archipelago, on average less than one cent will end up in the real, decent people’s pockets. The rest will be likely be grabbed and defrauded (both from people and country’s tax and government systems) away by the wealthy military connected families of Indonesia (Suharto et al) and the Indonesian authorities, including Bali’s / Indonesia’s mafia police. It is not just the money everyone from the president down steals from people who can ill-afford it, it is the effect of robbing the country of money which should be used on health, education and true justice.

If you think the generic retort of the self-interested that corruption exists everywhere makes everything OK? Read our page: Worldwide Corruption.

Think that democracy cures all and that Indonesia runs fair elections? Read our page: Indonesian Elections Fraud.

Think foreign governments would say or do something if things were that bad? Read our page about West Papua (AKA Irian Jaya) to see how far the duplicitous nature of western governments (clean domestic policy, corrupt foreign policy) extends in order to get a share of Indonesia’s massive natural reserves and major infrastructure contracts.

Do you believe Indonesian Government PR about them fighting corruption? Read our page: KPK – Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi – its all a pack of (easy to see if you want to) lies.

Before we cover below the likely consequences of pronounced endemic corruption to the world and Balinese / Indonesian people, let us first list for you some of the nasty things that can happen to you and your family in Bali / Indonesia as a result of corruption. We state these things as facts as there is hard credible evidence they have happened to others; be warned, don’t let Indonesia’s nastiness afflict your livelihood, liberty or family.

1) Indonesia including Bali has a culture of child rape and abuse, such as children being sold into prostitution. Foreign families have had their male and female babies raped or otherwise sexually abused while left in the care of hotel workers, including the crèches of luxury hotels. One case involved a 3 year old foreign girl being raped while in a crèche of a luxury hotel in Nusa Dua and going home to Australia with gonorrhea (the male hotel staff member rapist likely used prostitutes). Brothels are often run by police officers.

2) The Indonesian police are actually a contradiction in terms; they are not there to uphold the law, they are there to extort money from anyone without the correct wealthy / military Indonesian family connections. The police regularly plant evidence such as drugs on foreigners and have spiked foreigner’s blood samples to ensure they prove positive for narcotics. The Indonesian police routinely work with criminals and local vigilantes to extort money from people, and have no qualms about unlawfully detaining foreigners and / or their passports. There is no such thing as a decent honest Indonesian police officer as; a) Indonesians have to pay large bribes to become police officers and they don’t do this for the salary!, b) Only connected Indonesians (from police families) are allowed into the police force.

3) If or when you are a victim of an extortion attempt by the police in Bali / Indonesia, you can not win. Apart from arbitrary arrests and fabricating evidence, the police collude with equally corrupt prosecutors and judges. If someone is prepared to pay the police enough money, they and the judiciary can and will put you in jail and / or close your business down (if you are stupid enough to invest money in Bali / Indonesia). Even on one of those rare occasions when your own government / embassy intervenes (rather than lamely asking for a status report), they can only intervene with the Indonesian Foreign Ministry who have no worthwhile influence over the police (even when the police’s actions are so unlawful they are ludicrous). In short, if the Indonesian police want to act against you through extortion / corruption, there is no legitimate authority you can turn to for help. Foreign Governments pay white washing lip service to what goes on by saying they can not interfere with the internal domestic affairs of Indonesia, while they fail to warn their citizens what can happen to them in order to get their major corporations (who often donate to their favoured political party of course) a share of Indonesia’s massive natural (mineral) resources.

4) Ill conceived Indonesian laws and unlawful police acts such as claiming they lawfully / properly served a summons upon you when they did not and then claiming you ignored it allows Bali’s / Indonesia’s mafia police to lock you up for a maximum of 60 days without charge. Foreigners are often ill treated in Indonesian jails including sexual harassment (or worse) of female prisoners, being denied food and / or water unless they pay for it, having money demanded from them for “rent” for their prison cell (no joke), having people come in and taunt / photograph them behind bars, receiving death threats, etc. Foreigners unfortunate enough to have done nothing except become extortion / corruption victims have caught particularly nasty diseases while in Indonesian jails.

5) Terrorists have absolutely no problem moving around Indonesia (including Bali) as many police and military officers support what they do (it alleged many within the Indonesian Government also support them). In addition, police on so-called terrorist duty at ports are known to accept small bribes to wave vehicles through without inspection. When you look at how many people the Indonesian military (which is not a true military force but one of domestic suppression and abuse) have murdered, it makes the Indonesian terrorist group “JI” (which Indonesia refuses to outlaw) look like angels.

6) The Indonesian Authorities lie wholesale about things like health risks such as bird flu. Until data was leaked that showed bird flu had existed for some time in Indonesia and was spreading, the Indonesian Government / Authorities blatantly lied by telling the world it did not exist in Indonesia; then President Megawati was implicated as it transpired she had been “lobbied” by certain wealthy Indonesian families who own most of Indonesia’s poultry business not to let the news out. In addition, claims of bird culls and vaccinations by the Indonesian Authorities have often proved to be false / lies.

7) Much if not most of the money corrupt politicians and officials extort comes from International aid and loans, which means western tax dollars. Western countries pour millions, even billions of dollars of “aid” into Indonesia to secure mineral mining, etc. concessions. There is evidence the US Government with British and Australian help railroaded The Netherlands into passing control of West Papua (Irian Jaya) to Indonesia because they knew about and were secretly negotiating rights with the Indonesian Government to mine the enormous gold and other mineral reserves in Papua once it came under Jakarta’s rule; knowledge of the mineral reserves being kept secret from the Dutch and Papuans of course.

Now you know of the significant and increasing risks to you and your family of visiting and / or investing in Bali / Indonesia, look also at the positive aspects of what boycotting Bali does for the people of Indonesia and the world as a whole. Our resource and news articles pages should leave you in no doubt we are telling the truth; often including details published by the likes of Transparency International, The IMF, etc.

The fact is that the Indonesian people need to do something about the corrupt system, and do not forget it is corrupt from the top down, or they will never realize their true and legitimate potential. The fact is foreign governments are not prepared to stand alone against what goes on in Indonesia because they, or rather their huge corporations will lose billions of dollars as a result of being officially or more likely unofficially blacklisted by the Indonesian Government for upholding their principles. Bali BS makes you aware not to support Indonesia in any way, shape or form until their corruption cancer is cured, or rather cut out (see Bali BS Mission Statement) because you will not get the truth elsewhere. We ask you to boycott Bali, Indonesia and also Indonesian Companies & Products.

We also ask you to tell the Indonesian authorities and Balinese people you are boycotting them so they know. So pressure can be rightfully and legally inspired to effect real change, although we doubt this can be done with the politicians and police officers who are in office today (as they seem the root of the problem). We genuinely fear for the everyday, cheated Balinese and Indonesian people, and what will likely become of them if the corruption, hate and human rights abuse continues. The Indonesian Government may be able to deflect the rising rage in their people by focusing such hate unfairly against westerners in the short term, but not forever. Countries like the USA may even offer significant “logistical” support to such a pariah state for their own self-interest, but they can not ultimately stop the rising tide of discontent. If you think the worst can not happen to Indonesia, remember Iran and how the USA / west supported the Shah.

We also have to say it is not just a matter of defeating corruption, it is a matter of defeating anti-secularism (militant Javanese Muslims who want to make the region answer to Sharia law). See our page: Balinese Independence.

If people (foreigners) like you and us do not do our part in lieu of our duplicitous governments’ doing what they should and in enough numbers, what will surely happen to Bali / Indonesia if the rot continues?

Scenario 1
Slow eventual improvement. As more and more Indonesians study overseas and bring back better ways to their own country, academics slowly replace corrupt politicians until one day Indonesia becomes a true democracy and prosperous through diminished corruption. The problem with this scenario is it will take many, many years given the absolute and endemic nature of the corruption that exists today. This means most of Indonesia’s mineral wealth will have been exploited and the money poured into the country to rebuild the infrastructure will be sitting in personal offshore bank accounts. The Indonesian people will finally inherit a bankrupt, worthless country which no-one wants to help any more. At the time Indonesians generally get their legal and just deserves, they will inherit a virtual desert.

Scenario 2
While corrupt politicians and others in authority / business continue to line their pockets unlawfully in the knowledge they can run to a comfortable life in another country (ask the Suharto children about their amazing homes in the USA and Britain) in the event the “balloon goes up”, believing the old recipe of suppression and human rights abuse by the repressionist army, plus deflecting the disgruntled population’s ever increasing rage away from them and towards the west will continue to allow them to defraud their people and the world of Indonesia’s wealth for many years to come. One day however in the future the population will simply not be able to take any more; they would rather die from a policeman’s / army personnel’s bullet than continue as they are, and they will take to streets in their millions. Of course the Indonesian military and police who have shown they are cowards and incompetents will fold under any massive public insurrection, and the militant leaders of this revolution will take control. Be warned, that means people like JI will run the country, apply Sharia law to all, renege on every loan ever made to their country, take over every mining concern and business, and will spend their money on training terrorists to try and effect total regional control (JI’s mandate is to make every country from Burma / Myanmar to the Philippines a single fundamentalist Islamic and anti-western state). The only likely good thing to come from this would be the former junior police and army officers would get theirs; the senior officers having fled with the wealthy families.

Scenario 3
Things happen now to help the Indonesian people realize they need to wrestle legal control of the country away from the corrupt and anti-secularists before it is too late. Imagine how much better off the Balinese people for example would be without the threat of imposed militant Islamacy and without the endemic corruption which keeps them economically and spiritually suppressed. Imagine how much safer Bali would be for foreigners and how the world would be a better place too.

Boycott Bali / Indonesia and tell them that is what you are doing. Vote for political parties within your county who will not send your tax dollars to ultimately line Indonesian politicians’ overseas bank accounts, go on holiday / invest somewhere else, buy products which are not made in Indonesia, avoid companies’ products / services who have operations in Indonesia, support Christian groups who are trying to stop non-Muslims being murdered in Indonesia by donating to those groups, support western prisoners in jail in Indonesia as they likely never received a fair / proper investigation or trial, support the Independence groups for West Papua, help East Timor get back on its feet after years of occupation by the cowardly murderous Indonesian “military”, etc. BUT ALSO TELL THE BALINESE PEOPLE AND INDONESIAN AUTHORITIES so to help create the will to change things.

We have complied a list of email addresses of Indonesian politicians (including the president) / government departments, foreign consuls / embassies in Indonesia, Indonesian and International media. If you would like to send the following message to them, please Click Here – when you send the email to our special email address, it is then sent to all the recipients on the list further below.

Email Subject: Why we are boycotting Bali / Indonesia

Email Message: To the President of the Republic of Indonesia (copied to appropriate members of Indonesia’s and the world’s media and government officers).

After reading just how corrupt and nasty the Indonesian Government and authorities are on, we have decided to boycott anything and everything Indonesian until such a time as a government exists there for the people; not for the corrupt wealthy military connected Indonesian families. We will not come to your country, nor will we buy any goods made in your country, nor will we buy anything from any company who does business in Indonesia, because it is clear doing so just adds to the endemic corruption and civil / human rights abuse. What we will do is let others know to boycott your country too.

We ask foreign governments to stop their duplicitous games by ending support to the Indonesian Government in return for contracts. We ask the foreign media to send reporters to Indonesia and expose the corrupt whenever and wherever they can


Our current list of email addresses this message is sent to is below. If you know of any more we should send to please let us know here: Bali BS Admin

presiden(AT) pengaduan(AT) info(AT) secretariat(AT) bisnis(AT) iccc(AT) mcarstensen(AT) tygehansen(AT) news(AT) info(AT) hmmahtani(AT) megsinta(AT) ikuta(AT) ina(AT) inbc_sec(AT) gusgoh(AT) michael_olsson(AT) condev(AT) tbcjkt(AT) aiccny(AT) info(AT) bali.congen(AT) brazilconsul(AT) bcbali(AT) chilehonconsulate(AT) bali(AT) consul(AT) germanconsul(AT) huconbali(AT) italconsbali(AT) konjpdps(AT) yudhara(AT) dutchconsulate(AT) mimpi(AT) rabik(AT) sweconsul(AT) jonswiss(AT) swisscon(AT) RTC_bali(AT) amcobali(AT) habibie(AT) exec(AT) stephen(AT) webmaster(AT) aries(AT) crisis-center(AT) mti(AT) pemprop(AT) sysadm(AT) perpen(AT) polri(AT) indonemb(AT) indorom(AT) atdag(AT) info(AT) naradha(AT) nightline(AT) 2020(AT) evening(AT) earlyshow(AT) 60ii(AT) 48hours(AT) ftn(AT) comments(AT) nightly(AT) today(AT) newshour(AT) morning(AT) totn(AT) rush(AT) phil.boyce(AT) letters(AT) letters(AT) nytnews(AT) editor(AT) wsj.ltrs(AT) wsjcontact(AT) letters(AT) letters(AT) letters(AT) letters(AT) info(AT) fair(AT) jcenter(AT) iht(AT) letter.editor(AT) wtnews(AT) editor(AT) focus(AT) cnn(AT) speakout(AT) letters(AT) letters88(AT) freshair(AT) watc(AT) wesun(AT) maureensm(AT) cochs(AT) rvizcon(AT) evaldez(AT) tom.lea(AT) mimi.gurbst(AT) diefenbach(AT) stella.dawson(AT) jcohen(AT) brian_hill(AT) sheberer(AT) mark.nelson(AT) betsy.fischer(AT) dmedrano(AT) plorris(AT) abenitez(AT) danschiedel(AT) steve.majors(AT) mcurtis(AT) meredith.white(AT) stu.schutzman(AT) thismorning(AT) jonathan.wald(AT) muriel.pearson(AT) dij(AT) lisa.hsia(AT) susan.dutcher(AT) rod.prince(AT) pjh(AT) browne(AT) pls(AT) editor(AT) letters(AT) info(AT) smhworld(AT) bkimber(AT) mbarton(AT) rmurray(AT) avaughan(AT) editor(AT) allen.williams(AT) mpioneer(AT) letters(AT) mailbox(AT) judy(AT) subeditor(AT) editor(AT) george(AT) jen(AT) linda(AT) ron(AT) sarah(AT) mcgov(AT) trina(AT) elizabeth(AT) maria(AT) olivia(AT) rachael(AT) production(AT) craig(AT) jerlic1(AT) ebgreen(AT) carthur(AT) james.meikle(AT) egehrman(AT) jcooke(AT) rainer.stadler(AT)sz.


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