Indonesia: “Islamic Defenders Front” threatens to kill church leader
Islamic Defenders Front Update. “Indonesia: Islamists threaten to kill church leader,” from Compass Direct News, June 5:

JAKARTA, June 5 (Compass Direct News) – Members of the Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI) in Tangerang, Banten province, confronted and threatened to kill church leader Bedali Hulu yesterday as he visited his elderly mother-in-law in a rented home formerly used as a meeting place for his congregation.
For the past 18 months Hulu’s Jakarta Baptist Christian Church (GKJB) in Pisangan village, Sepatan district has wrestled for the right to hold church services in the village. Members will soon take the matter to court in hopes of finding a permanent solution to the dispute.
Yesterday’s confrontation by the Muslim extremist FPI was the latest in a series of threats. Last week as the congregation held a simple meeting in a church member’s home – sharing a meal and singing a few hymns – FPI members arrived and repeated threats first issued in November to raid the homes of church members if meetings continued. […]
Until January 2007, the congregation met in Hulu’s rented home. Following threats however, they began alternating meetings in various members’ homes.
Hulu established the church in June 2005 and held services in his home until December 2006 without objection from neighbors. He had obtained written permission from a local official to hold the services and the church was registered with Religious Affairs authorities.
When the church planned to hold a Christmas celebration in December 2006, however, FPI members began an extended intimidation campaign with the express goal of ending “illegal” Christian activity in the village.
Initially, the FPI sent a letter to the church warning it not to hold the Christmas program. Bedali immediately reported this to the police, who provided security during the celebration – but in subsequent disputes took the side of the FPI….
Posted by Marisol at June 11, 2008 6:35 AM
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Yes lets kill the infidel…kill,kill and kill. That is the religion of peace. Murder, violence and stealing from the world.

Posted by: savsiv at June 11, 2008 9:00 AM
We see people on the front lines against Islam. Is there anyone helping or arming these people? Our goverment should help arm these people, we are arming the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Lebanese, Saudi’s, Egypt,….I guess we are arming only muslims.

Does the American goverment offer ANY help to Christians that need defending?

Or is it illegal to help people defend theirselves and only legal to read about them dying at the hands of muslims?

Posted by: alaskan1000 at June 11, 2008 1:46 PM
Indonesia: “Islamic Defenders Front” threatens to kill church leader

There’s that word again. Next time someone claims that Jihad is only “defensive”, only to “defend Islam”, remember how broad this concept is.

A tiny group of Christians want to hold services *in their own homes*–not even in an identifiable church. Yet the Islamic Defenders Front feels perfectly justified in threatening the lives of this peaceful group.

Yeah, this is awful–but after all, the FPI is a small, radical group in moderate, multicultural Indonesia–right?

from above:

“Bedali immediately reported this to the police, who provided security during the celebration – but in subsequent disputes took the side of the FPI….”

We see this sort of thing all over the “Muslim world”. Even when the police are decent enough to come to the aid of non-Muslims initially, they very often take the sides of Muslim hard-liners subsequently, warning Infidels to comply with whatever form of Shari’ah is being imposed on them, or else to move away.

I think in many cases the police–many of whom are Muslim–actually agree with whatever draconian demands are being made; in some cases they don’t want the bother, and are as likely to blame the victims as the perpetrators for “stirring things up”; and in some cases they are almost as scared as the victims themselves, and do not want to stand up to violently insane jihadists, even when it is their job to do so.

Horribly, we are beginning to see these last two motivations among police and polititians even in the West.

Posted by: gravenimage at June 11, 2008 8:20 PM
I understand that during one of the great persecutions of the early church by the Roman Empire, a great Christian theologian coined this phrase to describe the suffering of his flock: “Non licet esse nos”, ‘We are not allowed to exist’.

These Christians in Indonesia, harassed IN THEIR OWN HOMES by the Muslim FPI, know exactly what he was talking about.

Why is not every decent non-Muslim government in the world challenging the Indonesian authorities about these blatant human rights abuses? (or, for that matter, challenging the Egyptian authorities about the atrocious abuses of the Christian Copts, by mobs of raging Muslims? – see the ‘Apes and Pigs’ website, linked to this site by Mr Spencer, for a perfectly harrowing account of the latest atrocity).


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